Calollipop Ann and Camandy Man doll kits

Raggedy Ann and Andy are meeting for the first time in this picture.Click the picture to follow the Wiki source for the E-book project, free, and for the disclosure of copyrights for the picture. (It is now in the Commons).

Ms. SpoolTeacher made a 25″ Raggedy Ann when she was a teenager and gave it away as a Christmas gift.

She still doesn’t know quite why she did that.

All these years later, it still haunts her that all that love was given up for adoption.

In an effort to recover the lost love, she found herself, on the long days tending Lollipops & Polka Dots Variety Store, cutting coordinating outfits and body parts for a sizable collection, enough to start a full orphanage.

Since the pattern still has copyrights attached, she was offering onsite, hands-on lessons for classes to purchase and assemble a single or set. Click this link to view the ensembles available for sale at Spare Shelf on Etsy.

If you have a pattern with the instructions or think you could remember the steps, these ensembles may be available for sale. To be sure, click the link above to go to Spare Shelf on Etsy to purchase available sets.

Custom ones could be cut to your desire. Please use the comments section for communications or email

Ms. SpoolTeacher will be assembling some of the available sets as she pleases, but will only post the ones she isn’t ready to construct. The finished “kids” will be playing around on the SpoolYard over at Ms. SpoolTeacher’s Spool Grounds.

More to follow soon.

Click here to read the story, “The Spooling of Two Hearts” about Purple-haired Annie and Machita Ann becoming BFF’s.

Purple-haired Annie waiting for Machita Ann

Machita Ann’s new hair do

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

BFF’s spooling around and talking “Spool”


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