The Lollipop Guild

Lollipops & Polka Dots came home to hover, idle, wait…for a miracle and/or more energy to be dredged up in Ms. SpoolTeacher.

The old peel-n-stick tile was updated with a Jackson Pollock-style floor treatment and all things were found homes. Things kept happening to close doors. Windows weren’t quick to open. However, the words of Mom are always trusted…

Won’t somebody out there offer free space to get us up and running again.

All those vacant buildings begging for revenue. Give us a chance. The Banks have a closed door policy going on. We can’t let them hold us back. We are “can do”.

We want to create that “Broader Concept Manufacturing Facility”. Not just a sewing lounge. Not just an Etsy concept resource and training center. Not just a Martha Pullen marketing center.

All things that are round and/or well rounded.. Up-cycled, recycled, natural, organic, useful, necessary, uplifting, whole, vegan, artistic, and good!

Simply put, simplicity.

We need movers and shakers who want to create a life(style) for themselves. There’s a home-made movement going on. And it ain’t funky, (unless it is Funky Junk Interiors).

Let’s get up and get on with it and get on with the business of getting on with creating our right livelihoods.

Come on. Come on.


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